United Kingdom

It wasn´t my time yet!

I believe all dreams can come true. Last months I have been dreaming about this assistant coach position in one University in UK and few days ago I heard I did not get that job! When you have worked so hard to reach some big goal, but it is still not enough, it just hurts so much.

But that also make me think was it just meant to go like that? My goal is still to become an awesome coach in one day, but maybe I´m not ready for it yet. I always remember that good coaching is about telling stories and those stories you get out of your experiences. When you want to coach about business, the stories must come from businesses where you have been at.

And now I understand that it was meant to go like this, because I am still going to UK for four and half months with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program as an entrepreneur and I get to work with Akatemia (http://www.akatemia.org.uk/) to get the great stories from business life in there. So when I get the opportunity´s to be coaching I can tell those stories out loud.