Tiimiakatemia, United Kingdom

Can travelling help you to become a better entrepreneur?

I was 15 when I did my first proper trip abroad, we went to Ireland for one week, but even though I didn’t speak any english at that time I was already hooked. Since that I have travelled to 25 different countries, learned to speak english while living in States, worked in 5 different countries and that way learned a lot about communicating with people from different backgrounds and even with people who I don’t share a common language.

So what else can you learn from travelling?

When travelling everything doesn’t always go like planned, flights might be delayed, bags get lost and suddenly you have to adapt the new situation and find ways to continue your journey. It will really develop your ability to adapt, which is also a key skill when working as an entrepreneur. To try to prevent these situations you will learn a lot about time management, as you don’t wanna miss your flight or in short time you are able to plan how to see all the best sites from the city.

It will also raise your cultural awareness, nowadays world is so international anyways, so even small start-ups are expected to interact with foreign cultures. When travelling you will learn about other cultures and differences we have with each other and that is really powerful competence to have when you are an entrepreneur. You will also meet a lot new people and build relationships with people around the world, which can be handy when starting a business, but it also helps you to strengthen your networking skills as you probably have been in situations where you had to interact with people you otherwise wouldn’t.

That is why travelling is one of Tiimiakatemia // Team Academies core values. Sometimes you just have to go far to see near and by travelling we will also learn more and faster. (see the whole global network map from here)

I am also so proud of our Team Academy Newcastle as this is the first year when all our team companies has or will do learning journeys to Amsterdam, Hungary (Budapest & Debrecen), Barcelona and Finland (Tampere & Jyväskylä). So excited to see what kind of learnings we will get from these trips!

So what do you think, can travelling help you to become a better entrepreneur?



Do we value friends enough?

Friends are like other family to us and this summer I have realized that they are even more important to me them I have thought. Whole last spring I traveled around the world and when I came back few months ago my friend was opening her house to me and here I have been leaving since. But I am still not leaving here permanently so I am kind of “homeless”, but it has been great, I have stayed in my other friends places, in my brothers place and also visited a lot more in my dad´s and mom´s places. And what makes it so great? I have been able to see my friends and family so much more then I would normally do and not only seeing but really spending time with them.

In few weeks I might be leaving to UK and it has woke me up, because the situation will be so different in there. I won´t know almost anyone there, there wont be my friends or family and actually I don´t even know where I will live there. I am not worried that I would not survive, just thinking how lonely it can be in beginning. I will miss everyone so much and I really hope my friends and family will come to visit me in there and I can then offer them a place to stay!

“Friendship is hardest thing in the world to explain. It´s not something you learn in school. But if you haven´t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven´t learned anything.”Laura´s good bye party

This picture is from yesterday when we had surprise good bye party to one of our friend who is leaving to study in UK for four years!

Finland, Tiimiakatemia

Visit in Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä

Was so great to visit at Tiimiakatemia yesterday. Last time I was there was half an year ago, so when I graduated! The spirit is just amazing there, everyone has things to do, but still people always have time to sit down and change news and thoughts. In Finland the new team entrepreneurs, penguins as we call them are starting on Monday, so older team entrepreneurs and coaches were getting things ready for crazy Kick Off. The idea is confuse them totally, so they realize it´s not normal school where they are coming at. I think I have to go there on Monday to see how everything goes 😀

On Tiimiakatemia´s walls were hanging their values, which I really like, they are so powerful and inspiring!

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