From here you can find some examples of the projects I have either led or been part of.

I had the honour to be speaking at Team4Learning event on 11th November 2016. The theme of the event was International Communication and my speech was about Cultural Intelligence when working in different countries. Was a great experience to speak to ~200 people from around the Europe.


Speaker at Team4Learning event in Budapest, Hungary

We ran two participative workshops in Santiago, Chile about Innovative Education in July 2016. The sessions were a great mixture of theories and stories about Team Academy, Knowmads, Glocalminds and real life examples from the participants. Feedback showed that the participants enjoyed the sessions and they found them useful!

Educación Innovadora – Workshops about Innovative Education

On 19th-20th of November 2015 we organised an International Team Learning event in Newcastle, UK on behalf of the Team4Learning association. I was the project leader for organising this event and I had a great international team working with me. The event had a good variety of speakers and workshops around Team Learning and Innovation at work. In two days we got over 40 people to attend from Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Kenya and all around the UK. Many new connections and international collaborations were born and most importantly everyone seemed to have a good time.

International Team Learning event was also part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

International Team Learning Event

For two weeks (19.-30.10.2015), teams from 4 different Universities (Northumbria University, Falmouth University, University of the West of England and Bishop Grosseteste University) were competing against each other, who could visit the most customers, send the most offers, close the most deals and make the most money? In those two weeks all the teams together visited 376 businesses, sent 33 offers, closed 8 deals and generated over £7500 cash, amazing results I would say! I was one of the main organisers of this event.

National Customer Weeks

I was honoured to be invited to coach few sessions for Team Academy Iringa in Tanzania in May, 2015. The sessions were about international networks and communication, but also about project development. I really enjoyed it, but more importantly, they really enjoyed it as well and felt it was valuable for their companies.

Coaching in Team Academy Iringa, Tanzania

Tiimiakatemia Learning Network (aka TALN) is a network of team coaches and their organisations that build and run Tiimiakatemias and other similar learning centres where people learn teampreneurship. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network is a boundless network, or should we say a community, that brings teampreneurship advocates and die-hard fans together and acts as a hub for shared projects and development. The network also provides info on teampreneurship learning methodology and helps in creating contacts to parties that are new to Tiimiakatemias.

March 2014-October 2015

Member of the Board of Directors at TALN

Through Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange programme I got the opportunity to come and work in the United Kingdom for five months. My host entrepreneurs in that exchange were Akatemia CIC. On those five months, I got to improve my Team Coaching skills with Northumbria University students from their Entrepreneurial Business Management course, I made so many new connections in the UK that I would have never been able to make without being in here. I improved my English as a business language, which was one of my big goals, I was also leading international event on Global Entrepreneurship week with four other countries from Tiimiakatemia network. I learned so much about the University system in here and also a little bit about what does it mean to start something totally new and creative in the University world. And maybe the most important thing was that I was able to clarify what I really want to do in future and the next steps for it.

September 2013 – January 2014

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange at Akatemia CIC

TA’s Global Innovation Challenge on Global Entrepreneurship week was organised first time in 2013 when it was a great success, five different countries, eight units and over hundred teampreneurs participated to that. You can see the video of the event from the link below.

TA’s Global Entrepreneurship Week