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What happens when the chapter ends?

I have to admit that I enjoy making plans, dream about the world and it’s possibilities and also to think what I wanna do next, but in other hand I normally don’t even know what will happen in a next few months. So when people ask me where will I be in 5 years time they don’t get that great or clear answers.

I have spend my last 9 months in Newcastle Upon Tyne in UK and my current contract will finish in 9 days. And at the moment I just know that I will go to Finland for two weeks and then I have my flight back to Newcastle. The exciting part is that I don’t have any idea what will happen after that. Somehow I do enjoy the uncertainty, but sometimes you would like to know just a little bit more. But I also believe that what ever happens is meant to happen, so I just have to keep going forward what ever will happen next.

So why I am in this situation then?

I have really enjoyed working with Newcastle Business School and that has been definitely something where I have been able to use my passion and knowledge about Team Entrepreneurship and Team Coaching. I have also been able to learn so much at the same time and I know it could be very rewarding in many levels to work here a bit longer. The great thing is that they have also really liked my work in here and they would like me to stay longer, they have been even trying to create this new role to the University just for me as that would be the best way to continue this work relationship. And I can’t event say how amazing and grateful that makes me to feel, I am just speechless.

But you might have noticed that we are talking about University now, which is not the most flexible creature on this planet and things are not moving as smoothly as we were planning and they have not been able to approve this role yet. So that why I am in this situation now as I really would like to stay a bit longer but all I can do now is to wait and wish the best. But also where I have to start the creative thinking about what will I do next if I don’t have any position in here for the next year? Suggestions? 😀


United Kingdom

Reaching my goals and doing good at the same time

Many of my friends has been running half marathons, but I have never been that brave to give it a try. However few months ago I made a promise to my friend “if I get to stay in Newcastle a bit longer I will run the Great North Run“, which is firmly established as the world’s greatest half marathon and it will be runned here in Newcastle, UK. Now it’s starting look like I am very lucky girl and I might be able to stay for a bit longer. Which made me really excited but also a bit nervous, I should start seriously training for this, I do love challenging myself and trying new things, so to be honest this gives nice extra flavor to my everyday life. First challenge was to get the tickets to this event to be able to run as I knew there was no more normal tickets left, I was left with option to run it for charity, which actually just made it a lot more exciting and gives a real purpose for me to run this half marathon!

I started to look for different charity’s and I have to admit that there were many good options, but only this one really got my attention. Make-A-Wish charity helps ill children wishes come true and as I am an entrepreneur and my goals are to help young people to find their dreams and help them to make them come true I saw I could proudly stand behind their ideology and values! And everything what Make-A-Wish does inspires me so much and I can definitely see how big impact their work has for ill children.

So I am in a great position, I get to work hard to reach my goals and to do something good at the same time. If you are interested to support me on this challenge and to bring little magic to these kids lifes feel free to check out my JustGiving page and make a donation! Nina’s Great North Run 2014 Page

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Make-A-Wish Foundation UK

“Make-A-Wish FoundationÂŽ UK has been granting magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions since 1986. Our wishes are truly magical and can bring so much to a child’s life, providing memories that last a lifetime for both the child and their family”

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My cool new training shirt from Make-A-Wish!


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One way to take your business international

Around seven months ago I was still dreaming about working in United Kingdom, but I knew what I wanted and with help of Akatemia CIC and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program that dream came true. Now that my five months in the program is over, I would like to go through what really happened on that process and why I would recommend this journey to everyone who is interested to get the first step to go international, but just don´t know how.

How everything started

First time I heard about this program was few years ago and I already got excited of it, but on that time I was still studying at University. So right after I graduated I started to search more about this opportunity. I had thought about starting my own company in future and working abroad would be just amazing.

I started my research by going to their website: http://www.erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu/

I looked for my local contact point from Finland and gave them a call. I was positively surprised about the call, they were super helpful and I got the feeling that they really wanted to make it happen with me. So I had option to just look for random host entrepreneurs in Europe from their system or if I had some company in my mind to do it with.

I knew I would like to improve my skills as a Team Coach and to help education to change their methods to be more entrepreneurial and I knew this company from UK who are working exactly on these areas in there. Soon after that I had chat with Alison Fletcher from Akatemia CIC, she liked the idea and we started our process to apply for the program. So for me it worked well to ask straight from the company, even I am sure it would have been interesting to see what kind of other options there would have been for me.

So who can participate to this program then? “New entrepreneurs, firmly planning to set up their own business or have already started one within the last three years; Or as a Host Entrepreneur: Experienced entrepreneurs who own or manage a Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise in one of the Participating Countries.”

How was the time in UK

I can just say I am super happy I did it! I have been able to train my Team Coaching skills with Northumbria University students from their Entrepreneurial Business Management course, I have made so many new connections in UK which I would have never been able to make without being in here. I have been also able to improve my English as a business language which was one of my big goals, I was also leading international event on Global Entrepreneurship week with four other countries from Tiimiakatemia network. I have learned so much about the University system in here and also little bit about what does it mean to start something totally new and creative in the University world, it’s not that easy believe me. And I think the most important thing has been that I have clarified what I really want to do in future and the next steps for it, but also it has made me a lot hungrier to reach the next levels sooner in future!

I would just recommend this to all the people who are thinking of starting own company or has already started one and want to go international with it, of course this is just one way, but it worked for me so it might also work for you! Or maybe you can have some start-up entrepreneur from Europe working in your company?


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It wasn´t my time yet!

I believe all dreams can come true. Last months I have been dreaming about this assistant coach position in one University in UK and few days ago I heard I did not get that job! When you have worked so hard to reach some big goal, but it is still not enough, it just hurts so much.

But that also make me think was it just meant to go like that? My goal is still to become an awesome coach in one day, but maybe I´m not ready for it yet. I always remember that good coaching is about telling stories and those stories you get out of your experiences. When you want to coach about business, the stories must come from businesses where you have been at.

And now I understand that it was meant to go like this, because I am still going to UK for four and half months with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program as an entrepreneur and I get to work with Akatemia (http://www.akatemia.org.uk/) to get the great stories from business life in there. So when I get the opportunity´s to be coaching I can tell those stories out loud.