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Reaching my goals and doing good at the same time

Many of my friends has been running half marathons, but I have never been that brave to give it a try. However few months ago I made a promise to my friend “if I get to stay in Newcastle a bit longer I will run the Great North Run“, which is firmly established as the world’s greatest half marathon and it will be runned here in Newcastle, UK. Now it’s starting look like I am very lucky girl and I might be able to stay for a bit longer. Which made me really excited but also a bit nervous, I should start seriously training for this, I do love challenging myself and trying new things, so to be honest this gives nice extra flavor to my everyday life. First challenge was to get the tickets to this event to be able to run as I knew there was no more normal tickets left, I was left with option to run it for charity, which actually just made it a lot more exciting and gives a real purpose for me to run this half marathon!

I started to look for different charity’s and I have to admit that there were many good options, but only this one really got my attention. Make-A-Wish charity helps ill children wishes come true and as I am an entrepreneur and my goals are to help young people to find their dreams and help them to make them come true I saw I could proudly stand behind their ideology and values! And everything what Make-A-Wish does inspires me so much and I can definitely see how big impact their work has for ill children.

So I am in a great position, I get to work hard to reach my goals and to do something good at the same time. If you are interested to support me on this challenge and to bring little magic to these kids lifes feel free to check out my JustGiving page and make a donation! Nina’s Great North Run 2014 Page

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Make-A-Wish Foundation UK

“Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK has been granting magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions since 1986. Our wishes are truly magical and can bring so much to a child’s life, providing memories that last a lifetime for both the child and their family”

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My cool new training shirt from Make-A-Wish!