Tiimiakatemia, United Kingdom

Super International Action Month

So much has happened in one month, I have travelled around UK and also outside of it! So here a bit taster what has really happened then!

First of all we had the first TA`s Global Innovation Challenge on 19th-20th of November where I was the project leader, but there was also at least one person from each Tiimiakatemia organizing it, which made it pretty interesting and more fun. And I can say it wasn`t always easy, but when we finally got everything together and we could get 5 countries, 8 unit`s and over 100 teampreneurs to participate to the event the feeling was pretty amazing. It was so good to see real networking and sharing ideas through Google Hangout. Of course there were many things we could have done better, but that’s the best part when we can start to think how to make everything even better on next year.

2013-11-19 12.40.17 (1)

So right after that event I travelled from Newcastle to Hungary for long weekend, we had TALN (aka Tiimiakatemia Learning Network) meeting and then we had nice celebration of three year old Debrecen Tiimiakatemia. It was so great to meet all the team coaches from the network and share learning’s and thought about everything what`s happening at the moment. We also could create some next steps for Tiimiakatemia Australia what definitely made me very happy.


My traveling continued from Hungary straight to Bristol where we had Akatemia CIC meeting where we got all the new people together who are interested to start Tiimiakatemia in their Schools or University’s in future. That was really great and important step thinking what Akatemia wants to achieve in UK in future mission is to enable the creation of 10 university Team Academy programmes in the UK by 2020”!

2013-12-04 14.13.04

One of those interested University`s was Falmouth University in very South of England, it`s mostly known about design and art, and about that they want to do things very differently! Tiimiakatemia degree is going to be their first business degree in whole University, which is going to be really great! So few weeks ago I also visited there and we organized taster day for younger students who could be interest to apply for the degree starting in September 2014. The day was success and people were really interested of it! And I love when teachers and parents are saying many times in these kind of events “may I apply, I would love that degree” It just makes me so happy! 😀

2013-12-06 10.19.18

And I almost forgot one important thing, I was supposed to come back to Finland in end of January, but it starts to look like I will stay in UK until end of June, so it also means I am going to get my first big customer for my company, I will get few more months to practise my skills as a team coach and see the full year of first teampreneurs in Newcastle, I couldn`t be any more happier about all of this!

United Kingdom

First steps in UK

Less then three days behind in UK and my head is ready to blow up, but in a good way. It has been amazing to meet with Alison and Robert from Akatemia CIC to hear their history with Tiimiakatemia, plan coming autumn; how I can help them with the website, what´s the situation with new University´s and how I can help with them and one nice challenge is to think how can we empower the whole network to take part to the Global Entrepreneurship Week! Tiimiakatemia is something so revolutionary in entrepreneurship education so I don´t think there is an option that it´s not shown in there. 😀 http://www.unleashingideas.org/

And today I just had wonderful day in University of Westminster, they will start Tiimiakatemia program in their unit on 2014 but they already have many entrepreneurship courses going on. Jane Chang is doing just incredible work with the students, I was lucky I could take part to one of her classes today where they had to think about possible projects with their five person team and before next week they would have to find mentor from business world, when people were mostly shocked about that. And in the afternoon I could take part to her individual coaching  sessions with her business students. And actually tomorrow I will have meeting with few of the them, because I will be their mentor, how fascinating is that!

I also got some great news today from Newcastle and they have arranged room for me, I am just so thankful that I have got people around me who are so helpful and want to make this work. And it´s also great because I don´t have to worry anymore where to find roof on top of my head when I arrive on Monday. So I think I could not be any more happier girl at the moment! 😀

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere” -Albert Einstein –